Peer Review Process

The Science Tower Journal follows a comprehensive review process, as outlined below:

  1. The submitted manuscript undergoes an initial review by the editor, focusing on its alignment with the journal's scope and adherence to the journal's formatting guidelines. During this stage, the editor establishes communication with the author to ensure that the manuscript is suitable for either proceeding to peer review or being returned or declined.
  2. Manuscripts that successfully pass the initial review are forwarded to expert reviewers for a thorough content evaluation.
  3. The review process assesses various aspects, including the manuscript's novelty, objectivity, research methods, scientific impact, conclusions, and reference quality.
  4. Reviewers provide feedback, suggesting improvements or making recommendations to accept or reject the article.
  5. The editor carefully considers the feedback from the reviewers to determine whether the manuscript aligns with the Menara Ilmu Journal's requirements.
  6. The editor's decision is considered final.