As English becomes the global lingua Franca, the correlation between the English language and particular culture is problematic. Consequently, English Foreign Language (EFL) learners should have intercultural competence while improving their linguistic competence. Moreover, intercultural communication is more complex than communication between persons of the same culture. Thus, the practitioners of English language teaching need to know how to integrate the knowledge of intercultural communication in English language classes. This paper emphasizes the strategy of integrating the language learners’ intercultural communication competence in English literature teaching, especially in reading novel. Through reading novel, students are exposed to more cultural varieties and understand the culture concepts. The strategy mostly encompasses activating learners’ cultural awareness, considering context, and understanding obstacles in English reading comprehension from the perspective of cross-culture, and designing classroom tasks for the intercultural competence. By employing these, it is hoped that learners can improve their intercultural communicative competence during reading English literature

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